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Getting There and Away

National Jet Services (NJS) flies Monday and Fridays to Christmas and Cocos (Keeling) Islands from Perth via Learmonth (Exmouth). Extra flights are added during school and festive holidays.

Australia Indian Ocean Territories Airline (AIOTA) flies to Christmas Island from Kuala Lumpur serviced by Malaysia Airlines on Monday afternoons. Extra flights will be available during the 50th anniversary celebration on 1 October and during the summer holidays.


NJS – 1800 339 615 for flight information

Peter Whyte
Tel + 61 8 9164 8521
Fax + 61 8 9164 7344
Mobile +61 439 215 521

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Travel Agents

Travel Exchange Christmas Island
Tel + 61 8 9164 7096
Fax + 61 8 9164 7660
Mobile + 61 0403 456 885

Christmas and Cocos Island Travel Pty Ltd
Tel +61 8 9164 7168 / 9
Mobile +61 439 215 168

Sky Air World
Tel: +61 2 8218 4815

Island Bound Holidays
Tel +61 8 9381 3644
Fax +61 8 9381 2030

Christmas Island

Christmas Island Tourism Association
Gaze Road
Christmas Island WA 6798
Tel +61 8 9164 8382
Fax +61 8 9164 8080

Christmas Island is + 7 hours GMT, (one hour behind WA) and does not change for daylight saving.

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Arrivals and Departures

Christmas Island is an international airport therefore all passengers are subject to security checks on departure. International departures will be subject to customs clearance. All flight arrivals will go through quarantine and customs checks.

Flights to Australia require photo ID but international flights to Kuala Lumpur and beyond require passports.

Check-in for flights to Australia and Kuala Lumpur is two (2) hours prior to departure.

All passengers departing on scheduled airline flights will be subject to security checks on departure. Prohibited items such as lighters, fluids, knives etc must all be carried in check-in luggage.

Liquids, Aerosols and Gels
There are new safety procedures in place at all international airports in Australia for carrying liquids, aerosols and gels on flights.

  • All liquids, aerosols and gels that you would like to carry on the flight with you must be in 100ml (approximately 100gm in weight) bottles or smaller.
  • The bottles must be in transparent re-seal able plastic bags 20x20cm or 15 x 25cm, ie one litre in size. You can purchase them in most supermarkets.
  • Only one bag per person is allowed.
  • You will need to show this bag to security screening staff.
  • Any bottles larger than 100ml will have to go in your checked-in luggage.
  • Therefore any duty-free purchases over 100ml for international bound flights must go in checked-in luggage.


If you require certain medicines on the flight, you may be required to show proof of ownership, such as the prescription name being the same as your boarding pass.

It is advisable to carry a letter from your doctor stating these medications are prescription.

For more information visit

For further details please contact the Security Manager on +61 8 9164 8498 or 0439 215 486 or email

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Airport Management

The airport terminal is operational during flight times. The management office may be closed outside of these times; however the management can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Airport Manager
Andy Quast
Mobile 0439 215 498

Operations and Security Manager
Ian Joyce
Mobile 0439 215 486

PO Box 438, Christmas Island, Indian Ocean, WA 6798
Tel + 61 8 9164 8498
Fax +61 8 9164 8485

Correspondence should be mailed to the above PO Box address. Items larger than a regular envelope should be sent by Australia Post EXPRESS to ensure delivery by air, otherwise they will be sent by ship which departs Fremantle, WA every 4-6 weeks.

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Airport Facilities

The airport terminal has a kiosk staffed by local volunteers, the proceeds go towards local & WA charities so it is worthwhile checking-in early to enjoy a cool drink before departure.

Gold n Things has a duty free shop at the airport terminal as well as another shop at the Barracks Shopping Centre in Settlement

Baby-change facilities are available throughout the airport.

Toilet facilities for the disabled are also available in the terminal.

If you or a passenger you are traveling with requires assistance please advise the airline in advance so your needs can be accommodated.

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Airport Agencies

During flight times the airport is fully staffed with the airline ground-handlers, customs, quarantine and security staff. Please find their contact details listed in case you need assistance:

NJS and AIOTA flights – CI Removals
Peter Whyte
Tel + 61 8 9164 8521
Fax + 61 8 9164 7344
Mobile 0439 215 521

Peter Brogan or Les Jardine
Tel +61 8 9164 7228
Mobile + 61 439 215 125

Hermana Boll
Tel 61 8 9164 7456
Mobile + 61 439 215 456

Team Leader
Tel + 61 8 9164 8444
Fax +61 8 9164 8440

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The Freightshop in Perth, WA manages all air consignments and Zentner Shipping in Perth, WA manages the sea freight of goods to Christmas Island.

Tel + 61 8 9477 6088

Zentner Shipping Pty Ltd
PO Box 37, Melville, WA 6156
149 Barrington Street, Bibra Lake, WA 6163
Tel +61 8 9337 5911
Fax +61 8 9337 9953


Things to Do and See

Christmas Island is famous for its pristine wildlife. During the wet season (November to February) the red crabs migrate from the rainforest. The roads are literally a carpet of red moving crabs! This is a truly awesome sight and one not to be missed.

The bird life is spectacular with Golden Bosuns, Boobies and Frigate birds swooping all around. The endangered Abbott’s Booby nests only on Christmas Island.

In January the whale sharks can be seen on their annual migration.

There are many tourist operators on the island which provide diving, fishing, bird and wildlife tours to mention just a few. All have extensive experience of the island.

Visit some of the beautiful beaches and coves, not to mention the spectacular blowholes and caves by hiring a RAV4.

It is best to contact the tourist office directly to get the latest information on tours and accommodation. The office is based in Settlement and has office and internet facilities.

Christmas Island Tourism Association
Gaze Road
Tel +61 8 9164 8382
Fax + 61 8 9164 8080

The Recreation Centre has a full size swimming pool and kiddies pool. Facilities also include a sports centre gym with classes, crèche and café.

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Communications and Banking

Only Telstra mobile services work on Christmas Island. Internet services are available at the Tourist Office. There is a Westpac branch on the island behind the Post Office however there are no ATM services provided but you can get cash-back on purchases in the supermarkets.

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Christmas Island has a very modern, fully operational hospital with two full time doctors and 8 nursing staff. The hospital telephone number is 9164 8333.

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