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Airline Information

Christmas Island airport is an international security controlled airport. All non-scheduled flights require the prior permission of the Airport Manager. Click here to request permission to land at Christmas Island airport.

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Airport Management

The airport terminal is operational during flight times. However the management office may be closed outside of these times, but can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Airport Manager
Mobile: +61 439 215 498

Operations and Security Manager
Mobile: 0439 215 486

PO Box 438, Christmas Island, Indian Ocean, WA 6798
Tel: + 61 8 9164 8498
Fax: +61 8 9164 8485

Correspondence should be mailed to the above address. Items larger than a regular envelope should be sent by Australia Post EXPRESS to ensure delivery by air, otherwise they will be sent by ship which departs Fremantle, WA every 4-6 weeks.

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Aerodrome Information

Please refer to the ERSA for full aerodrome information

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ASIC Cards

Christmas Island airport requires all airside personnel to carry an ASIC card. Pilots and crew must carry and display their current ASIC card at all times. Please contact the Airport Manager if you require a temporary visitor ASIC card.

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Only Jet-A1 is available at Christmas Island Airport. Fuel needs to be paid by BP carnet or in cash. The refueling agent for Air BP is

Mr Darrell Dwyer,
Tel & Fax +61 8 9164 7419
Mobile +61 439 215 018

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Customs and Immigration

As Christmas Island is excluded from the Australian Immigration Zone, it is the responsibility for crews to obtain customs clearances before leaving the Australian mainland. Equally, outbound clearances will be issued by the Australian Customs Service on Christmas Island for the return journey to the mainland. Christmas Island Airport will notify Customs and Immigration on the island about all estimated arrival and departure times.

Australia Customs Service

Australian Customs Service

The Australian Customs Service operates the Indian Ocean Territories Customs Service and is responsible for undertaking border related functions on Christmas Island including the arrival and departure of aircraft, ships, yachts, launches and accompanying passengers, crew and cargo. Operators and owners/masters of arriving and departing craft are required to report certain information to Customs, within specified time periods, prior to the actual arrival or departure occurring.
Customs on Christmas Island can be contacted via email on or Telephone +618 91647228 or Fax: +618 91648440

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Australian Quarantine Inspection Service

Australian Quarantine Inspection Service

Christmas Island is an island with some unique endemic species of wildlife. It is also free of many pests and diseases that are found in other parts of the world. Quarantine is the border agency charged with the task of protecting the environment and human health from pest or disease incursions.

The department's objective is to facilitate the movement of passengers, cargo, aircraft and vessels in a way that minimises any inconvenience to the people involved while maintaining the quarantine integrity of the island. This is achieved through various reporting, screening, inspection and treatment mechanisms. Certain products are prohibited on the island while other items may require some form of treatment before they may be released.

Any persons wishing to know more about the quarantine requirements on Christmas Island should contact the Christmas Island Quarantine Service on

Tel: +61 (0)8 9164 7456 or Fax: + 61 (0)8 9164 7468 or

Notice to all Pilots-in-Command

It is the responsibility of the Pilot-in-Command to provide the following details to the ground-handler or Airport Manager before landing at Christmas Island airport. Therefore please be prepared to answer the following questions at Top-of-Descent:

Quarantine Health Report

  1. Has any passenger died on the aircraft during the flight?
  2. Has any passenger or crew-member been identified as suffering from an illness?
  3. Has the cabin been sprayed at top-of-descent?
  4. Have the cargo holds been sprayed prior to departure in the last port?

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Christmas Island airport is a security controlled airport. All passengers and flight crew will be subject to security screening and customs clearance on arrival regardless of the where the flight originated from. Only international flights will be subject to customs clearance on departure.

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Pilot Briefing & Weather Services

There are full computer facilities available to pilots within the management office with NAIPS service. Web

Costs And Charges

Landing fees and charges are available on request from the Airport Manager. All fees must be paid on receipt of invoice or by prior arrangement with the management.

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Australian Federal Police

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) maintain a presence on Christmas Island and the Police Station is located at 37 Gaze Road, Settlement. Members of the public can attend the Police Station during normal business hours, Monday to Friday. The AFP can be contacted on island by dialing 0891648444, or in the event of an emergency by dialing 000.

The AFP is represented on island by a Team Leader (Police Sergeant) and seven Team Members (Police Constable or Special Member) who provide the local community with a wide range of community policing services. The AFP routinely attend the Christmas Island Airport to undertake border protection activity in line with other Commonwealth agencies and private security operators.

For further information relating to the AFP go to:

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Christmas Island Agency And Operators

Ground Handlers

NJS flights – CI Removals
Peter Whyte
Tel + 61 8 9164 8521
Fax + 61 8 9164 7344
Mobile 0439 215 521

Operations at Christmas Island
John Richardson - Operations Manager
Tel + 61 8 9164 7984
Fax + 61 8 9164 7107
Mobile +61 439 215 777


Peter Brogan or Les Jardine
Tel +61 8 9164 7228
Mobile +61 439 215 125


Hermana Boll
Tel +61 8 9164 7456
Mobile+ 61 439 215 456


Team Leader
Tel + 61 8 9164 8444
Fax + 61 8 9164 8440

Air BP

Darrell Dwyer
Tel +61 8 9164 7419
Mobile +61 439 215 018

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